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Friday, December 23, 2011

Steps to decorate bedroom furniture

If your bedroom furniture offers no respite from the hustle and bustle of the day, then it is time for a change. Time and money invested now will pay big dividends in the future. The project replicates in space can only mean that you will see a little happier, more cheerful, and most importantly, peace, and for itself and its environment.

Facing your bedroom, it's probably more fun than decorating any room in your home. Why? Because it is a room in your home, you are your true personality and Shine.

Start with three easy steps.

1: Begin to visualize and quantify each type of activity you want to go back to their "vacation". Perhaps, he wrote in his diary, reading, knitting, movies, or watch their plans for the future - any activity that is important to think about certain things that you are happy.

2: Look at your bedroom into a critical eye. You can fit in your bedroom activities in the list?

3: And most of decorative projects, one of the first priorities is to lock the color scheme. Color sets the stage and not the background of all your furniture, fabrics, accessories and lighting. Create a color considerations

* Use the uneven ratio and better color balance. Although this sounds contrary, that really works. Consider the tone, creating a dramatic accent wall behind your bed. Then, the color of the walls a light color close to the same color, which created a more visually appealing.

* Use color to create a sense of spaciousness. Light shades, of course, reflect the rays of light rather than absorb it. A bright color palette will be very important if your room is as big as you want.

* Use bright colors and strong, creating a warm and friendly. If your bed is big and wide and high ceilings, warm colors will help to "humanize" their place, if you feel more livable and friendly.

* Note the architectural features of the room. If you would like to emphasize interesting architectural features, to enhance their strong color contrast. And, conversely, if you wish to cover the deficits of the architecture, then a neutral paint color with the same mixture of tone walls, ceilings and floors, and features a happy show.

Illuminate the new room

Now we have the notion of an ideal retreat for your bedroom a new color, the number of natural and artificial light in the room is a determining factor in your final color choice.

"Light plays an important role in all the test project," says Sue Pelley, national spokesperson for the interior decoration den. "I advise my clients to consider how much natural light in the room and what time. If the room is bathed with natural light from the sun, we recommend that you work in a cold color scheme, and vice versa., If the room is light, warm, natural color palette, which helps to get rid of a cold."

Bring a large furniture

Beauty kits come in various sizes and designs. Bed linen is a scheme designed padded quilts, a refined and luxurious blankets, bedding sets should be in the center. No sleep, each is complete without a pillow and pillow case in a variety of decorative accents.

Add custom design window treatments, window to the foreground. Once you have decided that the dark space and privacy needs, the design possibilities are limited only by the creative designers. All the most informative Villa Designer

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